Sim Asylum

Hello everybody, long time no see :)

Sooooo, I was inspired by the previous montly theme on GOS, but I never came around uploading my lot. So, here it is!
It's a GIGANTIC asylum which can house about 90 crazies (although it's been decorated for just 30). It's slightly grungy, because that's what all asylums look like, right? :P

Sim Asylum
5x5 residential
Download here
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Thanks to the one who posted this secret.
It's nice to know you like my sims, even though they all tend to look alike XDDDD
Oh well, I guess that's just my style :P

I'll try to upload all my Maledonia Sims as soon as possible (probably tomorrow).
Sadly I can't play this neighborhood anymore because it keeps crashing :(


Another third generation gem

I'm pretty sick at the moment, I have a sore and swollen throat, no voice and muscles aches because of the coughing.
Horray! 8D

Here's just another random update from my game.

Meet another third generation sim of mine. His mom is actually one of those horrible looking pre made vacation sims which I had given a face lift. I had forgotten about the face lift and married her into one of my families. The first kid they got looked pretty similar to something that could come out of hell, so I vanquished it (i.e. mercilessly killed him off). The second kid turned out decent, he was not that amazing till his young adult stage. DAMN, he looked good! O.o He is now one of my favourites.
Meet Jorick.

Another third generation gem, ladies and gentlemen.

JJ out.

Alien Baby!

I decided to give up on my main neighbourhood and one of my three down towns. So I'm playing in my two other down towns and my university.

But I wanted to show you something amazing! My first alien baby in my game! (well in this series >.>)
Most awesome thing? He's third generation! I count my own made sims as generation 1, their kids as 2 and their grand kids as 3.
I hardly get further than generation 3 because I either get bored or I have to reinstall my game because of some disaster.
Let's hope neither XD.
You should see my excel file in which I have a complete schedule with which family I have to play next, and what happened (births, growing up, deaths) during that time. I just want to make my sims age somewhat evenly. Does anybody else do this?
Please tell me I'm not a freak D:

Back to alien baby! 8D
He's got my default alien skin, his grandfather's (!) eyes (which are not present in alien baby's father) and his father's (who got it from his dad) hair color. You still follow me? XD
I called him Jimi.


Finally some joy in my game!

Btw, girl from my avatar is also third generation. And her dad was a townie! (I do have default face templates however)
But still, I love her, she's gorgeous.


Excuse me while I'm killing off everybody around me!!! >.<


I did not tell you this but I've been having some serious problems with my game. It kept on crashing whenever I tried to load well, any lot in my main neighborhood. The downtown areas and university worked fine. So I tried everything: 50-50 method (about 3 times), deleting cache files and creating new user data. Especially the 50-50 method was a pain in the ass since I've got almost 9 Gb (compressed even) worth of downloads. It seemed like the "problem" files were shifting. After a month of spending on the edge of throwing my computer out of the window, I decided a couple of hours ago it might be something else. So I tried the new user data, well it worked of course, because I didn't have my neighborhood. So after that, I stumbled around an article on MTS about dual core problems. So, I asked my dad, who walked by: do I have a dual core? Guess what: YES! So I disabled one of the cores and guess what? IT WORKED! IT FREAKING WORKED! GAH!!! I'm so angry! All this moving of sims, 50-50 method and everything else...for NOTHING! >.<
Why did I forget I had a dual core?! >.<

Anyway, I'm happy it works now! Maybe I'll post some new pics in the close future! :D

I have something else to share, peeps! I've been trying to find an online family tree maker, but all I came across were downloady stuffz. But I found Family Echo, an online family tree maker, in which you can also add pics! :D
Here is an example of one of my family trees, the Waal/Boompjes family tree.

Click for bigger picture.

(I'm so bad, I add their adult pics in stead of their elder ones D: )

I thought it might be of use to somebody else ;)

I think I should go to bed right now XD


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Hello everyone!
I've made some recolors of dresses from All About Dresses. I've been playing a fantasy neighborhood and these dresses are to pretty to have just 1 recolor of it. I've added a link of their pics to give you an idea how they look ;) 

Edit: I've added a link to the meshes. Sorry I forgot! *smacks self
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